Move Your Money

How to divest

The primary target list of banks for #NoBayouBridge solidarity is here. They include Bank of America, US Bank, CitiBank, UBS, and Wells Fargo. A secondary target list of banks that help to finance Energy Transfer Partners can be found here. If your bank is on these lists, publically moving your money from these banks and closing your account helps put pressure on these financial institutions to stop supporting fossil fuel projects that oppress indigenous communities and harm the earth.

There are a couple things that it is recommended before going in to close your account (although these things don’t apply to all people):

  • Ending all direct deposits to the banking account you will be divesting from
  • Ending all automatic withdraws from your banking account
  • Open up a new account at a credit union or a local bank

This guide has more information on moving bank accounts.

When you go to publically close your account, make sure to submit this letter to management explaining why you are closing your account.

Taking further action

divest your community

You divesting your account makes a difference. Your entire community, including businesses, organizations, and even the government divesting puts even more pressure on the banks that fund the pipeline. This guide based on Seattle's successful indigenous-led campaign to divest from the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) in 2017 has more information on how to build a campaign on divesting your community.